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EK Chains 420 SH Motocross Series Non Oring Drive Chain


Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: EK Chains
  • Made In: Japan
  • Chain Pitch: 420
  • Chain Length (Links): 120
  • Master Link(s) Included with chain: Clip
  • Chain Color: Gold
  • Chain Type: Non Oring
  • Chain Model: SH Motocross
  • Seal Type (if applicable):
  • Seal Model (if applicable):
  • Max Engine cc (Street): NA
  • Max Engine cc (Offroad): 100
  • Tensile Strength (lbs): 5200
  • Wear Index (if available): 400
  • Chain Weight (if available): 2.22

  • When it comes to winning races, nobody can dispute the success of Team Honda's FactoryConnection racing team. Every Factory Connection rider in the 125 and 250cc class proudly runsthe same EK chain available at your local dealer
  • All EK motocross chains utilize our CRH connecting pin treatment which provides an extremelyhard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear