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Regina 137ZRT/011 Drive Chain Link (Zrp/Zrt Series 525Zrt X 110)


Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Regina
  • Made In: Italy
  • Chain Pitch: 525
  • Chain Length (Links): 110
  • Master Link(s) Included with chain: Rivet
  • Chain Color: Gold
  • Chain Type: Sealed
  • Chain Model: ZRT
  • Seal Type (if applicable): Xring
  • Seal Model (if applicable): Z
  • Max Engine cc (Street): 900
  • Max Engine cc (Offroad): NA
  • Tensile Strength (lbs): 8050
  • Wear Index (if available): NA
  • Chain Weight (if available): 4.1

  • Z-ring chains feature the patented Z44 sealing rings, which greatly improve performance and wear life, making previous X-ring and Z-ring chains obsolete
  • 50% reduction in friction compared to traditional O-rings
  • Constant lubrication from special high-temperature grease in the critical pin/ bushing area provides long life
  • High-carbon alloy pins to minimize wear and increased roller thickness to prolong durability
  • Thicker outer plates and quad-riveting for greater tensile strength